COLA 2019

COLA 2019


Location of the previous COLA conferences over the last 20 years

1997 Asilomar (USA)
1999 Goettingen (Germany)
2001 Tsukuba (Japan)
2003 Crete  (Greece)
2005 Banff (Canada)
2007 Tenerife (Spain)
2009 Singapore (Singapore)
2011 Playa del Carmen (Mexico)
2013 Ischia (Italy)
2015 Cairns (Australia)
2017 Marseille (France)

The location of COLA 2019 will be selected by the steering and the advisory committees during COLA 2017. Regarding the previous locations, we can expect to have a nice proposal from North or South America. However, everybody is welcome to apply for the organization of the next COLA.

Please send your application to before the beginning of the conference, and I’ll forward it to the members of the two committees. The candidates will make a presentation of their proposal (10 - 15 mn) on Tuesday evening, 5th of September, during the poster session.

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